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If a persistent toothache or other uncomfortable symptoms are keeping you up at night, it may be time to seek emergency dental care. Getting the treatment you need is the best way to relieve your discomfort – and it can even help save your teeth.

Is There an Emergency Dentist Near Me?

When oral pain or other symptoms arise, there’s no need to wait to see if the issue resolves itself. This can sometimes cause more extensive damage to your teeth that may be more time-consuming and costly to fix. Call our emergency dentists if you’re experiencing pain or have sustained an injury to the teeth or jaw. We strive to see patients as quickly as possible, with same-day appointments often available.

What Will an Emergency Dental Clinic Visit Cost?

Typically, the cost of visiting an emergency dentist depends on the condition of your teeth, what procedures are required to resolve your symptoms and how many follow-up visits are needed to maintain your dental health. We strive to provide affordable urgent care to our patients by working with their insurance companies and offering flexible payment options. Contact us for more information.

Emergency Dental Services

Our skilled dentists offer comprehensive emergency care to patients of all ages. Here are some of the services we offer during our business hours:

Emergency Tooth Extractions: While dentists will normally try to preserve damaged teeth through tooth fillings and crowns, some teeth cannot be saved. When this happens, an emergency tooth extraction must be performed. Our dentist will explain the procedure and ensure you feel comfortable by using anesthetic.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions: Located in the back of the mouth, the wisdom teeth are the last set of molars to emerge. Unfortunately, they often become infected or impacted in the mouth, causing discomfort. In this case, visit our dentists for a wisdom tooth extraction.

Root Canal: Dentists save millions of teeth each year using root canal therapy. Root canals are necessary when the pulp and nerve of a tooth become infected due to deep decay, injury, or faulty crowns.

Children’s Root Canal Therapy: Our compassionate dentists also provide root canals for children. This pain-free treatment can help keep your child’s teeth healthy for years to come.

Tooth Extractions: In addition to urgent tooth extractions, our dentists provide routine extractions of broken or damaged teeth. We’ll take the time to explain the procedure and ensure you feel comfortable during each step.

When Is It Time to Go to an Emergency Dental Clinic?

You might be wondering, “Should I go to an emergency dentist?” If you’re experiencing any of the following, urgent dental care likely is necessary:

Tooth Abscess: Severe decay and advanced gum disease can lead to an abscessed tooth, which is an infection of the tooth’s root. Patients with this condition may experience swelling, fever, and excruciating pain. Call our office immediately if you display these symptoms.

Broken or Fractured Teeth: Sometimes, teeth become cracked or fractured due to sports or other activities. When this occurs, visit an emergency dentist to avoid infection or additional damage to the tooth.

Jaw Fractures and Injuries: Injuring your jaw is considered a dental emergency. If you’ve noticed that your bite seems “off” or have sustained a blow to the face or jaw, contact our office right away.

Missing, Loose, or Damaged Crowns: A crown that is damaged or missing entirely leaves the affected tooth vulnerable to infection. Contact our dentists for a replacement crown that protects your tooth.

Oral Infections: If you’re experiencing signs of a dental infection, including fever, a toothache, or swelling, call our dentists for treatment.

Knocked-out Teeth: Knocking out a tooth can be unnerving; however, it’s important to know that saving your tooth may be possible. Place the tooth back in the socket if you can, and call our office to book an appointment.

Missing and Dislodged Tooth Fillings: Tooth fillings that are loose or missing cannot protect the affected tooth from decay. Visit our office for a replacement if you are missing a tooth filling.

Persistent Swelling: Swelling around the gums or face that doesn’t go away should be examined by a dentist. This is especially important if the swelling is accompanied by fever or pain.

Oral Discomfort: A nagging toothache or feeling of pressure can indicate a variety of conditions. Our dentists can diagnose the issue and provide pain relief.

Is Visiting an Emergency Dentist Expensive?

At our practice, we know that cost is a key concern for many patients – that’s why we aim to provide affordable emergency dental care. We’ll help you find a budget-friendly solution, whether it’s through flexible payments or your insurance plan. In addition to accepting many major insurance providers, we offer MetroCare as a money-saving option to our patients. This discount plan allows members to save up to 80 percent on many popular dental procedures. Don’t let cost keep you from protecting your dental health – contact us today to learn about our financial options.

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