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How Much Do Orthodontic or Invisalign® Consultations Cost?

Our dentists offer orthodontic or Invisalign® consultations as a complimentary service to our existing patients. If you’re unhappy with the alignment of your smile, call us now to get started!

Invisalign® and Clear Braces

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How Does Invisalign® Straighten Teeth?

The Invisalign® clear aligner system consists of a series of custom-fitted plastic trays. These flexible trays place pressure on the teeth, shifting them into a more aligned position over time. As you progress through treatment, you’ll change your trays every two weeks.

What’s the Cost of Invisalign® Braces?

The cost of treatment with Invisalign® depends on how long you’ll require the trays and the overall severity of your misalignment issues. Our dentist will examine your teeth and provide an estimate of the Invisalign cost after your initial consultation.

Invisalign® vs. Clear Braces

Both Invisalign® and clear braces provide a more discreet look than traditional metal braces. However, Invisalign is completely removable while clear braces are not. Clear braces also are slightly more noticeable than Invisalign.

Clear Braces: How Do They Work?

Like metal braces, clear braces use a bracket and wire system to gradually adjust uneven teeth. However, they are less obvious than the metal variety.

What Is the Cost for Clear Braces?

While clear braces often are more expensive than traditional metal braces, many patients believe the discreet look makes the cost worth it. The level of correction needed will also factor into the total cost.

Comparing Clear Braces vs. Metal Braces

Clear braces are an effective treatment just like metal braces, but many patients choose them for their more subtle look. They’re also a good option for those who desire a discreet look but are not candidates for Invisalign.

Metal, Ceramic and Self-Ligating Braces

How Do Metal Braces Work?

With metal braces, a bracket and wire system is used to apply continuous pressure to the teeth. This pressure gradually moves them into alignment.

Are Metal Braces Expensive?

The cost for metal braces usually is lower than that of Invisalign or clear braces. Typically, the cost depends on how long you require treatment and your insurance coverage.

Should I Choose Metal Braces or Other Options?

Metal braces are noticeable when worn, while Invisalign and clear braces are less visible. Braces made with ceramic may have a longer treatment time than metal braces.

What Are Self-Ligating Braces?

Self-ligating braces use a small, spring-loaded door to hold the wire in place instead of elastics. Treatment with self-ligating braces may take less time than that of metal braces.

How Much Do Self-Ligating Braces Cost?

Self-ligating braces are sometimes more expensive than traditional braces. Our orthodontist will discuss your options and help you determine which treatment suits your needs.

Orthodontics, Phase 1

How Can I Find an Orthodontist Near Me?

Orthodontic treatment can straighten your smile and boost your confidence. If you’re dissatisfied with your smile, call us now to schedule a consultation.

How Much Will Orthodontics Cost?

Your individual needs will determine how much orthodontic treatment costs. Factors determining the cost include your age, insurance plan, and the type of treatment chosen.

Should I See an Orthodontist or Dentist?

Dentists and orthodontists undergo similar training, but an orthodontist specializes in the movement of teeth. If your case is complex, you may be referred to a local orthodontist.

How Long Will Phase 1 Orthodontics Take?

Phase 1 orthodontic treatment for children usually takes about six months to a year. When treatment is complete, the child will wear a retainer until the remaining permanent teeth develop.

What is the Cost of Phase 1 Orthodontics?

Your child’s alignment needs will determine the cost of Phase 1 orthodontic treatment. Our dentists suggest that all children receive an orthodontic checkup at the age of 7.

What’s the Difference Between Phase 1 and Phase 2 Orthodontics?

With Phase 1 orthodontics, early treatment is administered before all permanent teeth have erupted – usually between ages six and 10. Phase 2 treatment is typically administered between ages 11-13.

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